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Positively Captivating Lash Style

Brand: True Beauty Lashes


Standard (No Magnets)
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Additional Details

This full volume lash style with a tapered shape and extra-long length frames the everlasting positivity in your eyes. Keep drawing people in with that intoxicating energy and be nothing but captivating in these lashes.

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NOTE: the magnetic version of these lashes requires a magnetic eyeliner to work properly.  You can find that product here.

Additional Details
These lashes were designed to represent a True Beauty who views life with constant optimism and it’s this positive vibe that makes her irresistible to be around.  Her presence lifts the spirits of those around her, with an energy that people can’t help but be captivated by.

MATERIAL: Cotton Band & FAUXREAL™ Faux Mink Lash Technology

FINISH: Silk Luxe

LENGTH: Extra Long

SHAPE: Tapered


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