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Original Inspo Lash Style

Brand: True Beauty Lashes


Standard (No Magnets)
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Additional Details

If stand-out style is your thing, these full-volume lashes should definitely be on your radar. The crisscross texture showcases your luminary confidence to pull off styles that draw attention in the best way as you inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

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NOTE: the magnetic version of these lashes requires a magnetic eyeliner to work properly.  You can find that product here.

Additional Details
These lashes represent a True Beauty who’s a natural influencer and creates energy in a room with her presence. Yet she knows life isn’t just about her; she uses the positive attention she receives to encourage others to see what they are capable of in their own lives.

MATERIAL: Cotton Band & FAUXREAL™ Faux Mink Lash Technology

FINISH: Silk Luxe

LENGTH: Medium

SHAPE: Tapered


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