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Making Moves Lash Style

Brand: True Beauty Lashes


Standard (No Magnets)
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Additional Detail

This lash is made to enhance your natural beauty with a round shape and light volume. The structured design provides a subtle, yet striking look that will make people think – “Are those real?”  Enjoy making them wonder as you’re making it happen.

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NOTE: the magnetic version of these lashes requires a magnetic eyeliner to work properly.  You can find that product here.

Additional Detail
These lashes were created for a True Beauty who is her own power team.  She knows what she’s capable of and welcomes each day with both confidence and strength. Always one step ahead, she’s making moves with a solid game plan in mind.

MATERIAL: Cotton Band & FAUXREAL™ Faux Mink Lash Technology

FINISH: Soft Matte

LENGTH: Natural

SHAPE: Tapered


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