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BFF (Best Friend Forever) Lash Style

Brand: True Beauty Lashes


Standard (No Magnets)
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Additional Details

Accentuate eyes that know every BFF secret in these medium-length, full volume lashes with an inviting tapered design. Take the beauty of a friendship worth a hundred lifetimes and translate it into an accessory for your beauty routine.

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NOTE: the magnetic version of these lashes requires a magnetic eyeliner to work properly.  You can find that product here.

Additional Details
These lashes were designed to represent a True Beauty who provides the rare kind of life-long friendship that is there unconditionally. She’s the constant shoulder to cry on, the one who knows your craziest stories (and decisions!), and the first one to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate with you.

MATERIAL: Cotton Band & FAUXREAL™ Faux Mink Lash Technology

FINISH: Silk Luxe

LENGTH: Medium

SHAPE: Tapered


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